Master’s Projects Abroad

EPFL WISH Foundation's Fellowship

EPFL counts with some of the most talented and promising young women in Switzerland and in the world. A crucial moment in their studies comes at the point of the master thesis, in which they have to demonstrate for the first time independent critical work in their discipline. By going abroad, they are exposed to other cultures and additional circles of excellence. This is extremely positive for their personal and professional growth.​

The EPFL-WISH Foundation Fellowship for performing the master thesis abroad constitutes a recognition of their excellence and provides financial support for this important step in their careers. This is a highly competitive fellowship that rewards EPFL best female students to empower them in their future professional career.

Selection criteria :
  • Average grade in the master studies >5.0
  • Excellence of the host and the project
  • Motivation and career plan
  • Creativity and quality of the video
  • Excellent recommendation letters from previous supervisors (at least one from an EPFL member)
Application documents :
  • Short video (maximum 2 minutes) explaining the project, your motivations, the reasons for choosing the host
  • A motivation letter with a short career plan
  • 2 letters of recommendation (at least one from an EPFL member)
  • A copy of your academic transcripts since the start of your university studies
  • Written confirmation acceptance from the host
  • If the candidate has applied for and/or has received other grants, we ask that they send us the detail of the amount as well as a full financial plan of their project’s expenses.

All documents should be in English. They can be sent via a cloud (dropbox, Switchdrive etc).

CURRENT APPLICATION DEADLINE : October 12th, 2022. Applications received outside this period will not be considered. Submissions will not be accepted after the end of the session! 

Fellowships will be given under the condition that the master thesis abroad is authorized by EPFL. Payment will only be made once assured that the laureate has started her project.

Applications should be sent to

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Althea Araya, Tunvez Boulic, Rayane Zahreddine, Nawal  Kinany, Selin Anil, Laurène Donati, Brigitte Greenwood, Coralie Spahn, Arushi Varshney, Marine Boudubon, Solène Oberli, Akshara Rai,  Roxane Besse, Désirée Gréver, Nina Zargari, Lamia Kasmi, Aureline Grange, Nadine Besse, Raccaud Mahé, Tina Saberi Safaei, Léa Maillot, Manon, Hammerli, Mélanie Antilles, Bendetta Flebus, Djenet Bousbaine, Stephanie Kayser, Shima Karimi, Eloise Marteau, Laetitia Vionnet, Diane Ansermet, Helena Reymond, Lada Georgieva, Anu Kodiyan, Gabriela Pregernig, Nadine Grädel, Audrey Cally, Inès Azaiez, Laeticia Bettex, Antonina Lagovitina, Diane Baer, Lise Castella, Deborah Studer, Carole Desobry, Anna Kouina, Theresa Christian, Emilie Peres, Diane Ledroit, Cécile Piot, Arabelle de Saussure, Anna Vybornova, Clara-Léa Bonzel (Harvard School of Public Health), Victoire Brault (MIT), Inès Castarede (Cornell U.), Magali Cattin (Imperial College London), Alexandra Karpilow (NTNU), Julie Laurent (MIT), Eloise Masquelier (UC Berkeley), Eliane Roosli (Stanford U.), Julia Vicentini (Harvard Brigham & Women’s Hospital), Eleonor Wild (Auckland U.), Niu Yanan, Manon Claudet, Olivia Courbot, Virgine de Mestral, Soumya Sheeram, Aurélie Ducrot, Alix Nepveux, Mariam Ait Ounelloul, Manon Bouzereau, Yongyi Luo, Chloé Carriere.